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Editorial thanks
Editorial thanks


The Nigel Greaves Gallery offers grateful thanks to the following media who have given editorial space and airtime to the gallery since it opened in 2008...

The Eastbourne Herald, The Eastbourne Gazette, The Sunday Times, The Sunday Telegraph Magazine, BBC TV, BBC South Today, ITV Meridian, Sky Arts, The ETC Magazine, Sussex Life, Aspect County, Arts Actualites France. Beaux Arts, The Towner Times, The Bexhill Observer, The SAATCHI gallery guide.

"The simplicity of his goals emerges in his works and we share, thanks to his talents, his love of the sea with its changing capricious light, its magical skies and any detail Nigel wishes to give us".

"If there is one technique that rejects imprecision, it is acrylic, and Nigel knows this well from his three years at Art College when studying the acrylic techniques of the popular contemporary artists of the sixties".

"His compositions have rhythm and soul, his boats are a joy with their unique line and colour which give cadence to the harmony of the work".

"Nigel Greaves understands his seascapes as well as he paints them. he penetrates gently and descreetly into every corner of his beaches, ports and harbours to extricate just the right amount of emotional intensity".

"Like a witness respectful of what he observes, he grasps with his brushes and painting knives all the light of day and the nuances of the sea without spoiling their harmony. Nature is his love, and he is an accomplice to the privileged instincts of creation, affectionately fixing on his canvas moments that have disappeared forever. Thus the works you see in his gallery today freeze instances of tranquillity that rhythm the passing of time".




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